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Gain immediate visibility into team utilization and productivity, and effectively and efficiently assign resources to particular projects. Know the impact of every project and resource on your bottom line, and make more informed hiring decisions when it comes to staffing for new projects with resource management software.

Gain Smart Intel for Project Prep

Avoid the last minute scramble to hire for certain roles or resorting to over-utilized resources. Use Mavenlink to predict resource availability before it becomes an issue. Learn more about master planning.

  • Master Planning. Set a baseline resourcing strategy, view cross-project utilization, and see projected revenue based on your rate cards.
    • Utilization Reports. See how your team is allocated across projects, tasks, and hours tracked.
    • Claim Resources. Claim resources for projects so other project leads know certain resources are already scheduled.

Decide the Details

Set expectations before projects get underway by designating who is on the project, which resources are performing which roles, and how scheduling will work best.

  • Define Rates. Assign specific costs and bill rates to employees or contractors.
  • Define Schedules. Replicate past project success by using templates to easily define project schedule.
  • Define Roles. Project admins can define who is performing what duty on a project-by-project basis.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Resource Management:

"Resource Management" is part of the Mavenlink line of products, developed by Mavenlink.