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Mavenlink puts comprehensive, real-time project analytics within reach so you can get the information you need to get the results you want. Gain control over margins, improve resource utilization, and better forecast revenue and costs with enterprise-grade business intelligence and a powerful custom reporting engine.

Assess the status of tasks, resources, and client engagement in real-time

Real-time project analytics reveal the health of your projects so you can make swift, informed decisions every day, rather than weeks after month close. From resource utilization to profit margins, Mavenlink’s answers are always up-to-date — because they live in the same solution your team uses to manage their tasks and schedules.

Business Intelligence that takes you from data to decisions

Get the visibility you need to make swift, informed decisions. Mavenlink Insights brings enterprise-grade business intelligence to every project delivery team.

Interactive Expert-built Reports

Discover the trends that impact business outcomes — and forecast future performance — with reports built by Professional Services experts.

Custom Reporting Engine

Tailor Insights to answer your most unique and complex business issues with an interactive ad hoc reporting engine. Clone and modify existing reports, or build your own from scratch.

Answer the questions high-performing businesses ask

Designed by a team of professional services executives, Insights delivers topline performance indicators at a glance and lets you drill down to identify root causes. Twenty-six interactive reports and visualizations reveal performance metrics across your entire project delivery business.

Automatically answer the unique questions that matter to your business

Eliminate costly manual exports with fully customizable dashboards that meet your team’s needs. Build reports and graphs with drag-and-drop simplicity, leveraging all your Mavenlink data from the entire project delivery lifecycle.

  • Filter. Focus your attention by portfolio, project, client, resource, and status.
  • Drill Down. Select graph elements to learn more and drill down to the root causes.
  • Customize. Clone and modify any report, then add your own columns, fields, and styling.
  • DIY. Build reports from scratch using 300+ metrics, including calculations and custom fields.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Business Intelligence:

"Business Intelligence" is part of the Mavenlink line of products, developed by Mavenlink.