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MasterControl offers three unique methods of viewing BOMs:

  • The Indented (Hierarchical) View features dynamic navigation and display of all the structures and sub-structures of a BOM. The same part may be displayed multiple times if it is included in multiple sub-assemblies. The indented view of the bill of materials software also gives access to all documentation associated with each component, including metadata.
  • In the Summarized (Flat) View each part is displayed just once in a list, allowing the user to view the total quantity of each part required and rolled up costs.
  • Comparison View makes it possible to view the differences between two versions of the same BOM system record, showing additions, deletions and modifications.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with BOM Views:

  • Advanced Analytics Exporting
  • Auto-update
  • BOM Management View Actions
  • Bulk Replace
  • Establish Connections and Track Changes
  • PDM Connector
  • Revision Control

"BOM Views" is part of the Bill of Materials Software Systems line of products, developed by MasterControl.