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Organize & Manage Production Orders

Manufacturing Pro’s powerful Order Manager allows users to easily manage and organize hundreds of orders – both active and inactive. To create an order, users simply select one or more production BOM’s and then issue a production order from it. The unique ability to select multiple bill of material’s for your production order is an essential feature for manufactures. The Order Manager also offers the ability to track manufacturing inventory in real time. Using a color-coded interface, users can instantly see the individual part status of each order. Supervisors can view the total number of job-required parts as well as total stock quantity, part order status, allocated part status, manufactured part status and more. The Order Manager is included as part of BOM Tools™.

Manage Your Manufacturing Orders

Easily manage hundreds of active and inactive manufacturing job orders within your small business. Drag & drop entire bill of materials, sub-assemblies or individual parts into a new production order. Manufacturing Pro can also issue unique customer codes, order numbers, P/O numbers and P/O dates for each manufacturing order.

Manufacturing Inventory Software

Easily adjust and update purchased and manufacturing inventory for your business. With an easy to read color coded interface, inventory staff can instantly see what orders need which parts, and then allocate or re-stock those parts accordingly. Any manufacturing inventory modifications made are then instantly updated to all existing job orders.

Monitor Manufacturing Status

Manufacturing Pro allows users to quickly browse manufactured and purchased parts by their status type. A unique color-coded cell represents each part’s allocation status. This method of displaying data allows inventory, purchasing and shop floor staff to immediately locate problem parts that may need allocating, purchasing or manufacturing.

Sort by Part Allocation Status

As well as displaying individual part statuses, users can also choose to sort by a defined status. This is helpful if you need to isolate and focus on a specific status type. For example, users may choose to sort by un-allocated or out of stock parts only. This will quickly show which parts need to be allocated and stocked for the job order.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Order Management:

"Order Management" is part of the BOM Tools line of products, developed by Manufacturing Pro.