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Manufacturing Pro

A developer of business management software.

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Software for Manufacturers. Made by Manufacturers.

Manufacturing Pro was designed and created by a capital equipment manufacturing company who simply wanted more control and efficiency over their businesses manufacturing process. After sinking tens of thousands of dollars into manufacturing software that failed to deliver as advertised, they decided to abandon the search altogether and develop a program that was custom-fit for their own manufacturing needs. After a period of intense development and trial, Manufacturing Pro’s Bill of Material Manager was born. This application allowed the easy management of large bill of material assemblies and production orders that had previously been handled in Microsoft Excel.

Expand The Software As You Grow.

In recent years, manufacturing software vendors have been telling mid-size manufactures that expensive ERP and PLM packages are necessary to effectively manage their business. This simply isn’t true. Why should businesses pay for features that they don’t really need? Manufacturing Pro addresses this problem by offering different manufacturing features as modular add-ons. Manufacturers can decide to buy the specific features needed for their unique operation. Users of BusinessVision accounting software can also integrate Manufacturing Pro into their existing workflow. This saves businesses the cost of re-training their staff on new ERP accounting software

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  • BOM Tools

    A software system designed by Manufacturing Pro.

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