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A developer of software designed for small-businesses in the manufacturing industry.

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ManuDynUSA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Manufacturing Software Pty Ltd. Based in Kirrawee, New South Wales, Australia. We are a leader in providing optimized solutions for Job Shop manufacturing environments. Widely known, we proudly serve successful clients throughout Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Unlike most solutions offered in today’s marketplace, requiring months of training and expensive implementation, ManuDynUSA has a rich heritage of cost-effective tools and processes enabling our clients to start solving complex manufacturing challenges sooner, with less on-going support and low overhead.

Cloud 9, a ManuDynUSA exclusive, is the latest edition to our manufacturing family. By uniquely eliminating the need for an IT staff, costly hardware and system software upgrades, Cloud 9 goes even further in providing the least costly and fastest way to take your company into the future of Instant Response Manufacturing. Because the Job Shop environment is so demanding – requiring instantaneous management of machinery, materials, resources and labor – having a low cost, flexible and agile manufacturing system can mean the difference between making a poor decision and making a profit.

ManuDyn is a leader in cost-effective, reliable and instant response Job Shop Manufacturing solutions.

Product Lines

  • ManuDyn Cloud 9

    A web-based multi-module management system designed by ManuDynUSA for manufacturing companies.

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