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Vendor invoices can be entered via one of two screens. Those that support purchased ordered items are easily matched to the original purchase order, such that only the exceptions have to be entered. When the vendor’s invoice is the same as the purchase order, only the invoice number and payment date are entered. Those invoices not related to a purchase order, such as rent or utility bills and are entered via a simple screen organized specially for these type vendor invoices.

  • The user can pay vendor invoices related to purchase orders, as well as those not related, such as utility bills.
  • Purchase-ordered items may be paid by individual line item or group of line items on the entire purchase order.
  • A vendor’s invoice can include the charges for a single purchase order, or cover many purchase orders. It may cover some complete purchase orders and certain line items on others.
  • Vendor payment can be by vendor invoice or a part of an invoice.
  • When a vendor’s invoice is entered and posted, all affected parts of the system are updated through and including the General Ledger.
  • The posted vendor’s invoice updates the current or latest cost of an item in the inventory database.
  • Vendor invoices can be recalled on-line at any time, even after they are posted.
  • Accounts Payable, not unlike the rest of e-DISTAC, is integrated into the total system to function as one system.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Payable:

"Accounts Payable" is part of the e-DISTAC line of products, developed by Management Software Systems.