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The Job Cost module keeps track of and reports on every cost incurred in the job. Job Cost is broken down by cost code, change order and cost type, including labor, material, subcontract, other direct cost and equipment.

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Some Job Cost Features Include:

  • Transactions entered into General Ledger, Cash Disbursements, Cash Receipts, Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Payroll are real-time (automatically) posted to Job Revenue or Job Cost Labor, Material, Subcontract or Other direct cost.
  • User definable cost code library with Labor, Material, Subcontract, Other Direct Cost and Equipment unit cost types.
  • Instaneous access to all job costs by job, cost code, cost type, date range, check, invoice, employee or vendor
  • Budget and adjustments for each cost code and cost type (L, M, S, O, E)
  • Extensive information on jobs for billing and cost tracking.
  • Automatic billing update with markup for each cost type
  • Tracks job and subcontract change orders.
  • User definable job numbers and cost codes
  • Change Order cost is broken down by cost code

Some Sample Job Cost Reports Include:

  • Job List Summary, Detail, Extended, Markup, Defaults, Payroll Local Tax or Udf
  • Job Budget Summary, Detail, Hours, Quantity or Billing Codes
  • Variance Budget and Cost Summary, Change Orders, Detail or Hours
  • Busted Budget Summary or Detail
  • Summary of Billings and Cost
  • Cash Flow
  • Labor Distribution Summary or Detail
  • Vendor Activity Summary or Detail
  • Job Cost Ledger Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Job Cost Query Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Job Cost Labor Detail or Extended
  • Job Cost by Cost and Type
  • Job Cost Period
  • Job Cost Status Summary or Detail
  • Unit Cost Summary or Detail
  • Over/Under Billing Summary of Contracts
  • Over/Under Billing Earnings from Construction
  • Burden Analysis Summary, Detail or Extended
  • Job Cost Adjustments
  • Cost Code Library Summary or Detail
  • Production Expense

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Job Cost:

"Job Cost" is part of the BIS - Builder Information System line of products, developed by Management Information Control Systems.