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Document Link and Imaging goes beyond the standard imaging modules or features that a few of our competitors offer! With document link and imaging the dream of a paper-free office is closer to be realized.

Document Link and Imaging allows BIS users to electronically attach any external file (invoices, CAD designs, blueprints, signed contracts, MS Project schedules, video files, job site photos, and any other type of job related file) to any master or any transaction record at any time. Thus eliminating or reducing the need for paper filing cabinets or on-site document storage. Further, since all job information is automatically linked to any master or transaction record, the information is instantly retrievable with a simple click of a button. This saves you and your company time: No more waiting for your employees to search to through endless stacks of paper in order to make a copy a job related invoice.


  1. Saves Time. Eliminates the hassle in retrieving and attempting to find paperwork from file storage cabinets, on-site or off-site storage facilities, or lost paperwork.
  2. Protects and eliminates amount of paperwork. Often companies keep two sets of backup records of their critical paperwork. One backup set is kept in an offsite location and the other two records (the original and the backup) are kept on-site. With document link and imaging all of your critical documents can be stored on site electronically and the original master can be stored offsite for security purposes.
  3. Link any external file directly to your job transaction. Ability to attach any type of file to any master or transaction record on any module. Ever wondered where the estimate, schedule file, contract, blueprints, job photos, CAD drawings or timecards for your construction project are? With document link & imaging they are all just two clicks away. Simply pull up the link & imaging window and click on the corresponding file that you wish to retrieve.
  4. Increases your profits. Considerably expense is incurred when documents have to be overnighted, couriered or faxed. With document link & imaging all your external documents pertaining to a job can be remotely accessed* through the BIS accounting system.
  5. Remote Access. Job Sites and Remote offices often require access to certain paperwork located in another office. Document Link & Imaging helps eliminate the need to travel long distances to retrieve this paperwork. Once scanned to a job file, the image is readily available to anyone with access to your accounting system.
  6. Guard yourself against potential lawsuits. After completing a job, getting sued for something not your fault is a headache - to say the least. Taking pictures of a job site as work progresses and linking those pictures to your job transaction helps guard your company against the headache of potential lawsuits by documenting the work completed, the order work was completed in and the condition of the finished project.
  7. Document yourself. Any lawyer will tell you that documentation is the thing that wins cases. Document Link & Imaging helps you keep all documentation pertaining to a job in one, centralized location.
  8. Protect Yourself. Photograph, document and electronically store information pertaining to accident scenes. This is a great help in workers’ compensation claims or lawsuits by documenting the location & the condition of personnel, equipment and the job site.
  9. Costs less & offers more than the competitors. Other companies charge $5,000 - $15,000 for a limited functionality document-imaging module. BIS charges $995 (single-user) for Document Link & Imaging combined.

Note: May require BIS Enterprise edit, server or other remote access software such as “pc-anywhere”.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Document Link and Imaging:

"Document Link and Imaging" is part of the BIS - Builder Information System line of products, developed by Management Information Control Systems.