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Management Information Control Systems

A developer of software designed for small-businesses in the construction industry.

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At MICS, construction specific, real-time accounting software is what we do. Over the past 19 years we have been exclusively dedicated to maximizing contractor and builder profitability through saving clients’ time, providing real-time job cost analysis and subcontractor control. With over 2,000 BIS (Builder Information System) end users spread across the nation, it has become the industry standard for complete and scalable accounting software in the construction industry.

Company President and founder, Cesar Bosio, received his Master of Science degree in Construction Engineering and Management from Stanford University. Mr. Bosio’s experience as construction project manager taught him the need for effective job cost control. Dissatisfied with existing products, Mr. Bosio determined to produce a better program. Thus, BIS - Builder Information System, a full-featured construction accounting program, was born.


Management Information Control Systems, Inc. (MICS) was founded in 1983 as a vehicle to develop and publish the BIS program. Released in 1983, the initial DOS-based program set a new standard in the construction accounting world. Although the product contained many innovations, one key feature set it apart from the competition: real-time accounting. With the introduction of ‘real-time accounting’ to the construction industry, the cumbersome days of batch processing were over. “End of month processing” and “posting routines” became relics of the past. For the first time, contractors had up-to-the-minute financial information available at any time; no more waiting until the end of the month for financial statements and job status reports.

In late 1996, an effort was launched to develop a Windows ™ version of the program. The program was completely rewritten to Microsoft TM standards. When the effort was complete in early 1998, BIS became the first and only construction accounting program to be honored with the designed for Windows logo.


MICS is committed to serving client needs. A recent release of the program, for example, contained 34 new features. One third of these were in response to client requests for enhanced features and additional reports. MICS listens to its customers!

MICS understands that the choice of accounting software is a strategic corporate decision, affecting your company for years to come. MICS becomes, in effect, a partner in the success of your business, and succeeds only as you succeed. To ensure your success, MICS offers a full range of technical support, user training and customer service programs. MICS invites you to experience for yourself the level of care they have for their customers!

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