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  • Provides for unlimited number of services billed and rated, with user-defined services set-up, incorporating unlimited one-time charges on a customer utility bill. This may include charges such as reconnect fees, extra trash pickups, tap fees, and sales of equipment, parts or materials.
  • Supports unbundling of charges with an unlimited number of charges on a utility bill.
  • Allows service rates to be based on a flat amount, stepped tables, tables dependent upon water consumption (including winter averages), based on number of containers, size of containers, number of pick-ups, allow for minimum and maximum charges, and fuel surcharges.
  • Supports an unlimited number of routes with up to 9,999 accounts in a route. Allows creation, resequencing, or building routes without changing the customer account number or historical information.
  • Supports all meter reading hand-held devices, or manual entry of readings.
  • Maintains separate account numbers for multiple parties at the same location.
  • Calculates and prints bills for one or more cycles with user defined messages on selected bills, or all utility bills.
  • Provides for on demand calculation of all charges on a utility bill. An unlimited number of special rate calculations are also provided, such as winter quarter averaging, seasonal rating, and budget billing. Metered, flat, and one-time charge rates are also supported.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Utility Billing:

"Utility Billing" is part of the MainStreet Municipal Software line of products, developed by MainStreet Software.