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  • Offers complete budgeting tools including customized reporting, monthly allocations, justification narratives, and projection capabilities.
  • Performs “what if” budget financial scenarios.
  • Prepares an unlimited number of budget versions, using worksheets that you define. Budget formats can be defined for work papers and reports at each level of your budget preparation process. The budget worksheet screen(s) display line items you can automatically adjust for the proposed budget column based on a fixed increase/decrease percentage. You can indicate whether the calculation should be done for selected cost centers only or for all cost centers for which this line item is budgeted.
  • Spreads annual budgeted amounts to selected months for specific monthly spending plans as opposed to merely dividing the annual amount by twelve. A percentage distribution per month option is also available.
  • Projects budgets by multiplying selected portions of the current budget or other specified budget, by a given percentage. You can see 2 years actual amounts, current year projected actual, and proposed initial budget all on the screen at once.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Budgeting:

"Budgeting" is part of the MainStreet Municipal Software line of products, developed by MainStreet Software.