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MainStreet Municipal Software

A full ERP system designed by MainStreet Software for government & public administration and utilities companies.
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The MainStreet software suite offers a complete, modular and fully integrated financial and billing software solution in a Windows point and click environment. These applications include Accounts Payable, Budgeting, General Ledger, Payroll, Purchasing, a Master Property Database, Licenses and Permits, Tax and Assessment Billing, and Utility Billing. All MainStreet applications will run under Windows 9X, Windows 2000, Windows NT, UNIX, Linux, and AIX, as well as other flavors of UNIX.

We use development tools like Visual Basic, Java, and OPENworkshop, a 32-bit, ODBC-compliant, object-oriented, relational database management system, written by Thoroughbred Software International, Inc. This leading Fourth Generation Language provides MainStreet with a standard matrix for the creation of software applications. It also includes a Computer Aided Software Engineering tool, providing our system developers with a powerful and consistent environment for system design, creation, and revision.

In addition, our systems include completely customizable ad-hoc query and reporting capabilities, as well as a series of checks and balances to guarantee data integrity. All are backed by complete audit reports.

These features make MainStreet™ Software the premier solution to local governments and utilities:

MainStreet provides a higher level of support – We have the best customer support ratio in the business, 5 customers for every support person. MainStreet loads all software updates for you, with release notes and updated documentation. You can access the documentation from an icon on the user’s desktop. MainStreet users speak directly with a support person to resolve the issue. MainStreet’s training is individualized, at your location or ours; so your trainer will show you how to use the software to handle each task that you do each day.

MainStreet™ is easier to use – We’ve also designed MainStreet™ applications to prevent the new user from making a mistake. The user can void a posted bill or check, or “undo” a payroll. All journal entries are validated before they are created, preventing out of balance entries. Each day the customer’s accounts receivable balance is proven against the history balance, and the detail accounts receivable is tied out to the General Ledger. A complete cash audit is done before cash receipts are posted.

MainStreet™ uses event-driven programming, where error messages are written in English, and tell the users exactly what record has caused the error, and how to remedy the problem. We also employ workflow processing in creating final utility bills, setting up new customers, and checking the budgetary status of an account during AP or PO entry. As users perform these tasks, MainStreet™ Software leads them through each step along the way.

MainStreet™ is a better value – MainStreet™ provides both updates and new releases in its’ maintenance plan, so there is no upgrade cost for MainStreet™. That is, you buy MainStreet™ Software once, you own it forever. Contrast this plan with other software companies that require you purchase an upgrade about every 5 years. Over this same period, the MainStreet customers will pay nothing for subsequent new releases and updates, since they are included in the contract. Over the years, MainStreet™ Software is less expensive than its competitors.

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