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Magnum Software Systems

A developer of business management software.

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Magnum Software Systems, Inc is a privately held corporation that has been selling premium retail solutions since 1985. Since our beginning we have introduced several well received solutions for the small to medium sized retailer. These programs have grown into extremely reliable, efficient and user-friendly Point of Sale Systems. Our focus is primarily the shoe retailer, but our system easily adapts to other types of retail stores.

Magnum Software’s primary focus is customer satisfaction and ease of use, through both software development and technical support. We have a top notch technical support staff and sales team that are dedicated to supporting your needs as you transition through beginning use of the program on into comfortable daily use in your business.

Thousands of satisfied customers across the United States have given us their input and have helped us to create the most flexible and user friendly Point of Sale software package on the market today! This flexibility will allow you to adapt the software to your business instead of changing the way you do business to fit the software!

Our staff is constantly evaluating new technologies and trends in hardware as well as updating our software so that we are able to keep you and your business profitable and efficient now and in the future!

Product Lines

  • WinSale

    An accounting software system designed by Magnum Software Systems for retail trade companies.

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