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The Inventory Management feature tracks and records the fluctuation of stock levels. After establishing the desired inventory levels and using the “Order Point, Order Quantity and Maximum Quantity” factors, the system allows you to review and readjust the buying patterns based on true historical usage.

User-defined templates are created, containing predetermined inventory levels, for a product or group of products and the corresponding code is stored in the inventory master file. At any time, these factors may be recalculated. You may choose to insert the new inventory levels or, on an exception basis, keep the existing levels in place.

As a by-product of the information which flows through the system, you are able to manage your inventories more carefully. Consequently, reports such as Inventory Alert, Excess Inventory, Margin on Inventory Investment, Inventory Turn & Earn and Inventory Fill Rate, are powerful tools to assist in making crucial business decisions.

  • Real-time posting, perpetual inventory
  • Projected inventory forecast
  • Cycle counting
  • Physical inventory
  • Dynamic re-order points
  • Inventory valuation including landed costs
  • Excess inventory report
  • Inventory turnover report
  • Margin on inventory investment report
  • Inventory fill rate report

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"Inventory Management" is part of the eWholesale line of products, developed by Magic Information Systems.

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