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Cash flow control is the ability to make informed decisions, knowing where your money is going and why. Precise management of Accounts Payable provides you with the most efficient means of obtaining control over cash flow and expenses. eWholesale gives you that control with the ability to preview cash requirements to plan and execute cash disbursements accordingly.

eWholesale’s Accounts Payable module generates several standard reports. Their aim is to provide management with efficient tools for cash flow control and total business activity monitoring. All reports are available on demand and always completely up to date. You can print any number of report copies and the information included in the reports can be selected according to the company’s requirements.

Accounts Payable works closely with eWholesale’s Purchasing/Receiving, and the General Ledger programs.

  • On-line inquiry
  • Powerful drill-down search options
  • Aged payables reporting
  • Reflects payable currency
  • Automatic Landed & Delanded Cost Processing (Incoming and outgoing cost monitor and control)

A user-definable table is setup to establish the “cost” components, and then linked to General Ledger accounts where the actual as well as any differences between actual and estimated amounts are reflected. In turn, a template is created from the table, and a matching code is stored in the inventory, vendor and/or customer master files.

During a Receipt of Goods, the template is displayed to confirm and record the estimated amounts. If more accurate figures are available, they can be inserted at that time. The inventory costs are recorded in the home currency, while the Accounts Payable is recorded in the appropriate foreign currency, jointly reflecting all the related landed cost components.

Likewise, the Delanded Cost feature captures all the outgoing (distribution) costs incurred from sales but not shown on the invoice. Both of these primary system features provide accurate bottom-line figures.

  • Cost templates with unlimited user-defined cost components
  • Fully linked with the General Ledger
  • Delanded costing to track non-invoiced distribution costs

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"Accounts Payable" is part of the eWholesale line of products, developed by Magic Information Systems.

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