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macs Software

A developer of business management software.

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macs drives organization profitability by:

Advanced Costing Capabilities which support Standard Costing, Target Costing, Actual Costing, Activity Based Costing, Flexible Analytic Cost Planning & Accounting (Grenzplankostenrechnung or GPK) and Resource Consumption Accounting (RCA).

Advanced Budgeting and Planning Solutions that integrates operational (down to BOM-level) and financial plans enabling organizations to create budgets, forecasts and different scenario’s with minimum effort and significantly shorter periods of time. Organizations are then more able to focus on the future, able to quickly react to changing circumstances and to quantify the operational and financial impact of a number of differing options & alternatives, choosing the one that promises optimal return.

Profitability Analytical Tools enabling identifying the levels of profitability of various parts of the organization, products and customers or any other critical characteristic. macs’ Ability to differentiate between fixed and proportional costs enables creation of a stepped contribution statement at the customer and product level.

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