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Maconomy Agency Solution

A multi-module management system designed by Maconomy Inc. for marketing and professional services companies.
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Maconomy is a global provider of industry-specific business solutions for professional services companies and marketing communications organizations. Our business solutions will enable your organization to optimize project and resource management, manage costs and drive the profitable behavior of your team. Our fully configurable web-based solutions builds upon more than 17 years of research and development specifically focused on your industry, in order to enable you to optimize resource usage, manage costs and ultimately promote profitability throughout your organization.

Since 1989 more than 85,000 users in over 50 different countries have turned to Maconomy to make their people profitable.

Agency Solution - For agencies engaged in advertising, PR, branding/design, market research, and other communication services.

Increase profitability - Maximizing profit is the greatest challenge agencies face today. The Maconomy Agency Solution allows you to effectively manage costs, working capital and profitability. Because Maconomy integrates financial control with job management, the solution enables you to view and drill in to revenue and profit by business unit, client, brand, product, account manager/director, job, etc. And because it is real time data, you can make decisions and manage your business objectives using accurate, timely financial information.

Simplify job management - The Maconomy agency solution simplifies every step of the job cycle. This includes not only time sheet reporting, but also tasks such as creating job budgets, purchase orders, supplier scheduling, and scheduling of client payment for large-budget jobs that may include film production or media buying.

What’s more, the Maconomy agency solution includes automated reminders for time sheet submission, budget approval, as well as warnings regarding potential and actual budget.

Manage complex client structures - The ability to efficiently serve large clients (such as multinational clients) can be a decisive advantage for winning new business and maintaining client satisfaction. The Maconomy agency solution lets you meet client requirements such as consolidated billing statements, invoicing specifications, and job cost visibility. The solution includes standard reports for client profitability, job profitability, work in progress aging and status of active jobs, etc. Drilling into details and creating new reports is simple.

Reduce costs via workflow automation - The solution provides automated workflows for the common functions in the agency. Job budgets are based on templates with pre-filled information for the client or job type where only relevant work codes are made available. Assigned managers automatically receive notification and relevant documentation when budgets need approval. Creative staff (and others who only need to report time) automatically have the job in the timesheet with just the relevant work codes so validation takes place upon submission Notification of late time sheets is sent to both staff and their managers. Employees and freelancers can log on remotely using a browser and quickly complete time sheets, review client activities, etc.

Creativity made profitable

Role-based workflows, accessible in a browser, create accountability at all levels. Information is pushed to the desktop of the relevant person, and includes only the relevant time sheets, jobs or client information for each individual. This approach lets creative staff focus on client jobs, not on administrative tasks.

Examples of roles are highlighted below

Account management

  • Use workflows for job initiation, budget creation and approval, invoicing (fixed price and T&M), time and expense reporting
  • View on-line, real-time job status and documentation
  • View reports for work in progress aging, client payments, A/R aging, client profitability, job profitability, status of active jobs
  • Use multilevel Work Breakdown Structure for dividing large jobs into phases
  • Distribute budget figures and forecasts across periods
  • Prevent over-purchasing on budgets

Creative staff

  • Enter time and expenses
  • Receive reminders for late time sheets
  • Review and change job bookings


  • Create requests for quote, purchase orders, and production schedules
  • Manage progress


  • Manage core finance functions such as A/R, A/P, General Ledger, etc.
  • Receive alerts for A/R, job budget overruns, schedule overruns, late submissions and approvals of time sheets, etc.
  • Manage working capital

Executive management

  • Manage and view revenue and profit in total, by business unit, client, brand/product, etc. via standard reports
  • Drill into real-time financial data to better understand costs and revenue

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