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The Sales and Marketing Analysis Module provides extensive reporting of what was sold to whom and when. It allows you to plan sales, determine profitable product lines and customers, and respond quickly to changing market conditions. It analyzes your marketing efforts and assists you in selecting the most profitable place to spend your marketing dollars.

Special Features

  • Square inch analysis by catalog, product and page
  • Campaign, catalog, promotion and family/title analysis for number of sales, dollars and profit by period
  • Customer item detail report; 3 year history by month and life to date
  • Life to date customer sales, item sales, product group sales and vendor sales, by cost, or profit
  • Billing history detail inquiry by customer, item, purchase order and order number
  • Order analysis by date range for catalog, type of sale, payment method, order source and promo
  • Export mailing lists to other software or media, via NT or Unix based file export formats.
  • RFM and mailing list selection management with flexible test generation, multiple test selection and combined lists


  • Month to date sales analysis
  • Summary sales reports
  • Sales detail reports
  • Commission reports
  • Return product analysis
  • Inventory movement log
  • Top Sellers

Allows: * Inventory serial number tracking * Order-fill rates * Day end sales summary * Customer lead tracking * Sales analysis based upon lead generation

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Sales and Marketing Analysis:

"Sales and Marketing Analysis" is part of the MACH Software line of products, developed by MACH Software.