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Integrated Email

The MACH Integrated Email module will pay for itself quickly in labor and phone cost savings plus reduce customer service calls. It allows MACH forms and reports to be emailed easily and effectively. The software runs as a Windows service.

Special Features

  • Confirms orders entered from phone, mail, fax and internet or third party call center download.
  • Notify customers of shipment dates with tracking numbers and link to website of shipper
  • Optional formats include minimum information to full status of back-orders
  • Send marketing and urgent email broadcasts to opt-in clients
  • Merges file information into e-mail body text (Dear John Smith)
  • Supports all standard mail headers (cc, bcc)
  • E-mail as easy as printing
  • Sends out email from MACH to any standard SMTP mail server
  • Requires a constant internet connection


  • Built in Editor – e-mail Messages contain all standard functions:
  • Send-to
  • Carbon copies
  • Blind copies
  • Subject
  • Attachments
  • Body Text


  • Your entire customer file and vendor file may be your address book.
  • Broadcast E-mails with email addresses and data merged from:
    • Customer lists
    • RFM selection
    • Orders file, etc.
  • Supports standard attachments, both text and binary attachments from:
    • Word
    • Excel
    • Other
  • E-mail purchase orders, quotes, statements and any other MACH forms
  • E-mail reports directly from the system through Outlook
  • Select e-mail as the printer designation for forms as though you were printing it on your printer
  • HTML Format

Integrated Faxing

No more wasting time while waiting in line to fax a document only to find the line busy and have to come back and try again later. The MACH Integrated Fax will pay for itself quickly in labor savings alone. System includes a fax modem and software from GoldFax and DMA, which will integrate faxing into your business management software. You may also fax from any standard windows application.

The software runs on Windows Server 2003, 2008.

Special Features

  • Create Custom cover pages for each user for one-page and multiple page faxes
  • Fonts, graphics, signatures, logos & letterhead
  • Personal and system wide fax phonebooks store frequently used numbers
  • Unlimited number of entries in a GoldFax phonebook
  • Distribution lists for broadcast faxes
  • Automated calling specified by system manager for the number and interval of retries
  • Reduce costs with GoldFax by sending faxes during evening hours when phone rates are lower
  • Automatic routing


  • High speed FAX modem provided by DMA
  • GoldFax software totally integrated to system
  • Fax purchase orders, quotations, acknowledgements and other normally printed forms
  • Built in text editor to setup your cover pages and body text
  • Attachment support including: Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point
  • Supported graphics: BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPEG


  • Plain paper fax
    • Received faxes can be routed to HP or postscript laser printers, the equivalent of a plain paper fax
  • Status reporting
  • Management reporting
  • Fax as easily as printing by simply changing from your current default printer to the GoldFax printer
  • GoldFax viewer displays received faxes on Windows desktops
  • Faxes can be scaled, rotated and automatically sized
  • Faxes can be mailed to other users from the viewer

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Integrated Email & Faxing:

"Integrated Email & Faxing" is part of the MACH Software line of products, developed by MACH Software.