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The MACH Repetitive Orders/Continuity Module provides an integrated solution to setup an item for scheduled shipments on an automatic basis. Items may be setup for the number of times you want to ship the product and the number of days between auto order generation. You may also specify the day of the week for shipment, how many weeks to maintain the schedule of shipping or the day of the month (i.e. the 25th day)

Special Features

  • It is fully integrated into the MACH order processing system
  • Creates orders on schedules set by users
  • Items can be pre-designated as Continuity or amended while in Order process
  • Module creates the order, controls the continuity order, charges the credit card and applies the charges to the customer’s account
  • Has the ability to charge for one item in “N equal payments” (Example 3 equal payments of $29.95– 30 days apart)
  • Module has the capability to charge a credit card for multiple payments or create an AR open account entry to track payments as received
  • Automatically creates an order on the day of shipment during the prescribed period and obtains the authorization of the credit card prior to picking and shipping


  • Automatic distribution of items to your customers when they need them on a regular basis
  • Ability to process multiple kits as continuity sales
  • Assistance in planning for inventory requirements and scheduling shipment dates
  • Automatic credit card authorization begins process of picking, shipping and settlement of the charges


  • Designation of unlimited number of Continuity items in inventory
  • Create flexible schedules that can run indefinitely or until the maximum number of shipments has been reached
  • Designate the number of shipments required and the interval between shipments
  • Adjust to customer requirements by operator in the order entry system
  • Establish continuity defaults per item in the inventory item master file
  • Captures the day of the month for shipments of the inventory item

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Continuity:

"Continuity" is part of the MACH Software line of products, developed by MACH Software.