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Lynx Wealth Management Systems

A developer of business management software.

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Lynx Wealth Management Systems supplies international wealth management systems to the offshore financial services and private banking industry.

Our wealth management suite of software products, 4Series has been developed to specifically serve the needs of the international finance community. Based on modern technology, these state of the art systems can support your business today and for many years in the future, thus protecting your investment.

Lynx provides the 4Series suite of wealth management systems, which can operate individually or be configured to run as an integrated package. Customers choose which modules to implement and can add extra modules at a later date. All modules integrate seamlessly with each other to ensure that data and processes are only performed once. Each module fulfills the tasks for a specific business function.

Product Lines

  • Fund Manager

    A software system designed by Lynx Wealth Management Systems for finance & insurance companies.

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