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LS Retail includes merchandising and replenishment functionality to support retail managers in the efficient management of their retail business. Size, color and style data (where applicable) on individual items, product groups or item categories is used to create Stock profiles. This is combined in a simple matrix with store, store groups and store type profiles to calculate the optimum stock replenishment.

Each profile also includes a description of where the items should be delivered from and then a stock transfer request is passed to the distribution centre or data is passed to the purchase order processing modules for ordering from a supplier.

The buyer uses a replenishment worksheet which calculates the demand based on a number of selectable criteria and date ranges.

Open to Buy - The Open-to-Buy module allows the retailer to control the capital invested in products during the sales cycle. It allows the retailer to plan purchases and make sure that they match the demand for each period, and at the same time make sure that the money invested in stock is within set limits.

Customer Service - Powerful inventory planning and management features help you deliver customer services excellence without committing valuable cash space and logistics resources to unnecessarily high stock levels.

Vendor Performance - The buyer has a good overview of how the vendor is performing by monitoring his profitability, purchase order fulfillment, discrepancy in receiving quantity and/or quality of goods and invoicing discrepancy. This data can be an important tool for buyers to use when entering vendor negotiations.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with LS Retail Replenishment:

"LS Retail Replenishment" is part of the LS Retail NAV line of products, developed by LS Retail.