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London Computer Systems

A developer of business management software designed for the real estate industry.

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In 1982, London Computer Systems began developing software solutions for Residential and Commercial Property Management. Our software helped companies take complete control over their Rents as well as there overall business. We did whatever it took to solve the problems before us. We built great products. We supported them with personal service.

Now more than 21 years later, Rent Manager has become the industry leader for complete accounting and property management. We are just as dedicated, more experienced, and we’ve developed an extensive family of software and services to ensure rapid adaptability for companies with diverse portfolios. Our products work for you and adapt to your needs so you don’t have to adapt to it.

Rent Manager is an ideal solution for Manufactured Housing, Apartments, Small Commercial Centers, Condos, single family homes, and other mixed portfolios.

We believe your success depends on having reliable tools at your disposal and we strive to provide them.

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