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Logos School is a complete, efficient package for maintaining personal student/family information. It quickly updates and prints a variety of helpful up-to-date forms for both office and classroom management. Logos School excels in helping administrators, teachers and staff know students and their families better. The speed and accuracy with which information can be entered, modified and retrieved makes Logos School a great asset as your works to meet the needs of students. Logos School makes it easy to enter and update information in one student’s record ; or multiple student records at one time. It has never been easier to keep your school records current!

A Few Family/Child Features

  • Virtually unlimited family/child information (up to 9 pages for each information tab, customized to fit your school
  • Retrieve information by either parent or child names, with quick identification of all enrolled children in a family
  • Tab format allows quick one-click navigation between all related data
  • Easy maintenance of demographic, enrollment, medical, and emergency information
  • Numerous pre-designed reports with options to create your own
  • Super-fields in every record make it easy to manage information on Immunizations, Notes, Authorized Contacts/Pick-ups, Checklists for forms/permissions, etc. You can even scan or download parent and/or child photographs

Other Applications

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"Family/Child Records" is part of the Logos School line of products, developed by Logos Management Software.

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