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Do you need to control product rental in your store?

If you own a C-STORE or a market in a small town there is a good chance you are renting films. And if you are renting films you need control. Lots of small store operators just like you have tried using separate systems for rental control and POS control. L-POS has a built-in rental module that eliminates the need for a separate rental module.

The system will track who has a film at a given time, who has rented a specific film and all films rented by a specific customer. This means that you can easily track down who is late returning films, who used a film recently that has been reported as damaged and how often you have rented your films in any date range. This will take the guessing out of this important source of revenue and allow you to stock the films that are generating the most revenue.

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"Rental Tracking" is part of the L-POS line of products, developed by Logivision.

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