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Are you looking for high-speed and secure card approval?

Have you ever become impatient while waiting in line for a cashier to finish a transaction? Have you thought to yourself “Why am I here?” We are sure everyone has. That is why we are so concerned with keeping things fast and easy.

That is just what integrated credit-debit authorization does. It keeps things simple and it speeds up the process. The high-speed IP based SSL data exchange with credit authorization centers will eliminate errors and simplify your cashiers’ work-flow. And this means that you will be one step closer and minutes closer to checking out another happy customer.

The electronic payment approval system will accelerate the processing time for debit and credit transactions as well as EFS and EBT Cash, etc. Several interfaces support gift card, phone card and other special applications. Funds will be transferred directly into your account at batch closing. Transaction rates are competitive and the rates should be able to match those offered by banks or other debit/credit processing services.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Credit Debit Payment:

"Credit Debit Payment" is part of the L-POS line of products, developed by Logivision.

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