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Are you still a believer in the ECR?

A lot of companies still use Electronic cash registers to record transaction data. Logivision realizes that these devices are useful in certain environments. So we have integrated data exchange to the TEC MA-1595 ECR from our back office tools. This means that you can program items, take sales reports, and use the store management tools the same way as people with the L-POS application. Although some limits apply, most features available in the L-BOSS like inventory management, price batches and labeling can be used with the MA-1595 ECR.

  • Program item information and send to ECR
  • Program cashiers, send to ECR
  • Retrieve sales reports from ECR

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with ECR Interface:

"ECR Interface" is part of the L-BOSS line of products, developed by Logivision.

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