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A full ERP system designed by Logivision for retail trade companies.
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L-BOSS is the integrated store controller software that combines with L-POS to offer easy to use and efficient database management and analysis. You will use L-BOSS to create products and customers, to order and receive your stock, to maintain price specials and promotions, and to print labels and shelf tags for your products. L-BOSS also takes care of automated procedures that need to happen while you do other things. You won’t need to be present to activate new pricing because the L-BOSS task manager will execute the task for you.

  • Robust Microsoft SQL server database
  • Built-in scheduler
  • Report writer included
  • Multi-store and multi-zone ready
  • Transaction based processing
  • Data recovery from POS terminals after hardware failure
  • Real-time database updates from POS means no over-night processing requirements

Popular Functionality Modules

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L-Tracker Do you ever need to locate specific transaction data? The L-Tracker program extends the features of the electronic journal program and makes it easier to search for and…

Price Batch Do you need to get to your store early to activate new price changes and promotions? The batch module is a great tool for store owners that have scheduled price changes or…

Label Printing Do you need a simple and effective price and shelf labeling tool? Have you ever had a customer complain that an item scanned at a different price than the shelf label? L-BOSS…

Portable Terminal Wouldn’t you like to be connected to your product file from the aisle in the store? Using a portable device means increased mobility. Increased mobility means changing prices…

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