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Logistrics is a proprietary offering of Little Services Gateway Inc., a Toronto (Canada) based M2M Company providing its solutions under a “Software as a Service” model. Established in 2006, it serves the transportation sector with business applications & solutions covering Crew Management, Mobile Food Distribution, Mobile Inventory & Order Delivery, Taxi Dispatch, etc.

Its Crew application is used by a large U.S crew hauler serving several Fortune 500 U.S Railroads. This solution also has several Transit operations features including real-time resource optimization, work hours monitoring, routes, shifts, hubs, schedules and fuel management among others besides offering full auditability.

The Company’s Android based taxi dispatch system was the first of its kind in the Android Market when it was launched in 2010 and is used by customers worldwide. The solution works on all Android smart phones and tablets. Its Distribute solution helps food and other distribution companies’ transition from a “delivery vehicle model” to a “mobile sales vehicle” model with real-time inventory handling providing these companies the opportunity to increase revenues and reduce unit transportation costs.

The Company provides end-to-end scheduling; routing, optimization & electronic dispatch across multiple platforms including in-vehicle devices as well as Android based smart phones and tablets. Its solutions support complex business logic and operational rules and has served several million GPS, Trips/Orders and other data through its system. The Company is a global partner with Deutsche Telekom & works with a number of leading telecom operators such as Romtelecom, Cell One, TING, etc.

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