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LogistixWorx RF Warehouse Manager for Visual AccountMate

A multi‑module management system designed by LogistixWorx.
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Manage your warehouse from the palm of your hand!

LogistixWorx, Inc. has spent the last 7 years developing and perfecting an RF based warehouse management system, based on Microsoft and tried and true RF (radio frequency) technologies, that will drastically improve the productivity in your warehouse operation. Our unique architecture has proven to be a secure, stable, reliable and cost effective solution. What makes our warehouse management system better than the rest? We provide powerful and intuitive functionality that rivals or exceeds the functionality of systems much more expensive than ours. You get client-server power in the palm of your hand and an easy to learn interface that will cut down on training time and expense! With all these features, you will improve your inventory accuracy and make your warehouse personnel more efficient at a reasonable price that small and medium sized businesses can afford. And, if your business is not so small, LogistixWorx RWM can handle up to 100 concurrent users*.

The basic LwRWM System is priced at $45,000 and includes the following features:

  • Novell Netware 6 or Microsoft Windows NT/2000 versions
  • Designed to extend the AccountMate product lines!
  • Seamless integration to extend your existing back-end accounting system
  • Sophisticated Data Encryption
  • Powered by Advantage Database Server
  • Powerful Group/User Security
  • Completely scalable. Expands as your business grows!

LogistixWorx RWM consists of the following 10 modules to handle all of the functions of your warehouse, many of which are only available in more expensive systems.

  • Base package includes licensing for 5 concurrent RF and non-RF users, additional hardware and software required for additional users.

Bay Verification, Cycle Counting and Cross Docking are available for an additional fee, or included when purchasing AccountMate SQL version.

Popular Functionality Modules

Warehouse Inquiry The Warehouse Inquiry screen is the first screen the user will see. This simple screen will allow the user to enter a product ID, a warehouse location or a PO Number and the…

Receiving LwRWM has a full-featured receiving system that allows the user to see a list of PO numbers to receive, and then the details about any chosen PO/Receiving record. When the…

Stowing/Put-Away Once the items have been received, the user can stow/put-away the received items. Stowing involves manually moving items to the warehouse racks so that those items are…

Replenishments/Restocking By utilizing forward stocking in the warehouse, high moving products can be stocked in a high volume area near the sales/shipping floor. As product is pulled from the forward…

Pick-List Printing While a paperless warehouse is the goal when automating a warehouse, there are times when users will want to create printed pick lists. Using the LogistixWorx RFGateway, or…

Complete Functionality Module List

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