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In today’s marketplace, every company is searching for that competitive edge. Considerable time and resources are spent in the pursuit of this edge in every division of an organization. One area that is often overlooked, however, is the warehouse, inventory, and distribution networks. The best advertising, sales and marketing for your product means very little if you cannot deliver the product to your customers in a timely fashion! If your warehouse is not operating at maximum efficiency, you will never gain the competitive edge that you seek. Let LogistixWorx help you!

LogistixWorx, Inc. has spent the last 7 years developing and perfecting a warehouse management system, based on Microsoft and tried and true RF (radio frequency) technologies, that will drastically improve the productivity in your warehouse operation. Our unique architecture has proven to be a secure, stable, reliable and cost effective solution. What makes our warehouse management system better than the rest? We provide powerful and intuitive functionality that rivals or exceeds the functionality of systems much more expensive than ours. You get client-server power in the palm of your hand and an easy to learn interface that will cut down on training time and expense! With all these features, you will improve your inventory accuracy and make your warehouse personnel more efficient at a reasonable price that small and medium sized businesses can afford. And, if your business is not so small, LogistixWorx RWM can handle up to 100 concurrent users*.

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