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Litehaus Systems

A developer of software designed for small-businesses in the real estate industry.

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LITEHAUS Systems was established with the goal of serving small business brokers by providing integrated solutions that have been proven to reduce errors. LITEHAUS Systems can give any business the ability to increase their revenues and competitiveness. Any business with revenues under $500 Million can greatly benefit from their software packages.

The systems they have developed will offer both clarity in financial analysis and simplicity in application. By combining both functionality and clarity your business will be given greater flexibility and control throughout the deal management process.

Who can benefit from LITEHAUS Systems’ software?

LITEHAUS develops systems specifically for brokers, vendors and underwriters in the equipment leasing industry. If you occupy one of these roles, their software packages can help to structure better deals using the revolutionary, commercial lease management software, LITEHAUS360 Lease Edition.

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia, LITEHAUS Systems is the only full-service sales finance solution for small business leasing professionals and is one of Canada’s fastest growing software companies.

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    A software system designed by Litehaus Systems for commercial & service and retail trade companies.

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