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LiquidPlanner makes schedules the way you and your team members do—only easier. This people-centric approach recognizes that team members must prioritize tasks across multiple projects, and that those priorities change frequently. To keep on top of the game, simply drag tasks and projects into the order they should be completed, and your schedules update automatically. The result: The most important work gets done first, and time spent doing manual updates is eliminated.

Key Features

  • Priority-Based Schedules- Web-based LiquidPlanner helps focus teams on what’s most important: strategic projects and tasks or those with the most revenue potential. Easily prioritize work for the team and see instantly when it will get done.
  • Best Case / Worst Case Estimates- Just estimate a realistic range of time to complete tasks, say 2-4 hours, and LiquidPlanner calculates when you’re likely to complete your work. It takes your availability, vacations, and priorities into account, so you can trust your schedule.
  • Automated Schedule Updates- Most teams deal with a constant stream of inbound work. When priorities shift, LiquidPlanner automatically updates the schedule to reflect the changes. Ditto when someone completes a task in one hour, not three.
  • Alerts- LiquidPlanner alerts you to dependencies (one task depends on completing a prior task), critical paths (if someone’s schedule drives the completion date) or if the project threatens to exceed budgeted hours.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Project Scheduling & Organization:

"Project Scheduling & Organization" is part of the LiquidPlanner line of products, developed by LiquidPlanner Inc..