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Leo turns rent-roll data into a graphical, interactive stacking plan view of your building that shows you the “health” of your building — today, in the future or in the past — in one, comprehensive screen. Leo brings your accounting data to life — in ways that inform and support your decision-making and management processes.

  • Stacking Plan: View vacancies, lease terms, options and encumbrances - at any point in time.
  • Building Card: Each building card displays a snapshot of the user selected and prioritized building statistics.
  • Dynamic Bar Chart: A graphic display of average occupancy 12 months into the past and future, with an overlay of weighted net rent averages. By adjusting the target date users can examine building lease economics for any two year period.

Stacking Plan Benefits

  • Drive revenue through inventory and vacancy management
  • Gain quick understanding through data-visualization
  • Instant diagnosis of building’s health — your “check engine light”
  • Understand occupancy and rent trends over time
  • Enhance efficiency by linking dynamically to all related documents

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Stacking Plan:

"Stacking Plan" is part of the Commercial Real Estate Accounting line of products, developed by Leo Software.