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eo quickly generates, retrieves and prints detailed lease abstracts. Use Leo’s filtering capabilities to search for key lease data contained in the abstracts. Information entered into Leo’s lease abstracting system automatically informs Leo’s critical events calendar of important dates and deadlines, such as lease termination option dates, notice dates and other key events.

Key Features

  • Tenant Information - Easily enter all tenant contact and lease economic information.
  • Filtering Technology - Search for and generate lease and portfolio risk analysis reports by tenant size, location or other criteria.
  • Lease Option Details - Track lease option details. Leo alerts your team before lease option trigger dates when you still have time to react.

Lease Abstract Benefits

  • Identify over-market rents in your portfolio and understand their potential impacts on your business
  • Increase efficiency by filtering for and sorting lease abstracts across entire portfolio, and by toggling between lease abstracts quickly to compare terms
  • Understand how future space availabilities can help you anticipate tenant needs and increase retention
  • Generate, retrieve and print detailed lease abstracts quickly
  • Avoid surprises through automatic notification of lease termination options

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Lease Abstracts:

"Lease Abstracts" is part of the Commercial Real Estate Accounting line of products, developed by Leo Software.