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With Leo’s online document-management system, you can store, retrieve and share documents, all in a safe, secure environment that’s easy to use. No more emailing massive files, fewer Fed Ex shipments and less confusion about versions of documents.

Key Features

  • File Folders - Leo constructs a folder tree automatically according to each building’s stacking plan — new folders can be added by users.
  • File Details - Display in table view or card view each file’s properties, (size, etc). A drop down menu allows for e-mailing of files and access management.
  • File Descriptions - Each file can be fully described, and may be calssified for display in custom web pages that the user creates with the Leo Web Page Generator

Document Manager Benefits

  • Easily access and manage documents across your portfolio
  • Share documents with other Leo users
  • Automatically create file structure for each building through integration with accounting system
  • Create internal library of corporate documents, templates and forms/manuals

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Document Manager:

"Document Manager" is part of the Commercial Real Estate Accounting line of products, developed by Leo Software.