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Commercial Real Estate Accounting

A web‑based multi‑module management system designed by Leo Software for real estate & property management companies.
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Various commercial real estate technology solutions address accounting, invoice processing and work orders, among other business functions. Leo, unlike any other software solution, addresses the needs of what we call “Property Information Management.“

Effective property management requires access to current inventory amount, location and condition; occupancy projections; floor plans; leasing options; insurance expiration dates, and other crucial operational data. As the keeper of the data, the property manager also faces constant interruptions from owners, brokers, tenants or vendors seeking access to building information. Without Leo’s easy-to-use technology, property managers spend much of the day dealing with frequent interruptions and inquiries.

Leo Software is the Property Information Management system that integrates with your current accounting and financial software applications to deliver decision-quality data in an easy-to-use format to the people who need it: property managers, brokers, clients, investors and others. Leo Software is web-based which means you are always working in real-time. All data being viewed, shared or reported on is the most current information available.

Leo will help you:

  • Maximize revenues and profits.
  • Compete for new tenants and new property assignments, and retain current tenants.
  • Increase your business capacity — do more work with fewer people
  • Automatically create dynamic stacking plans from rent rolls, summarizing a building’s leasing status in one easy-to-understand screen and linking to all documents associated with each rentable space.
  • Lease space more quickly by enabling leasing brokers to create ”micro-site“ marketing brochures on-the-fly. Remind you not to miss important upcoming events such as changes in leases and building events.
  • Create lease abstracts.
  • Increase your management and administrative efficiency by automatically generating standard and custom management reports.

Popular Functionality Modules

Stacking Plan Leo turns rent-roll data into a graphical, interactive stacking plan view of your building that shows you the “health” of your building — today, in the future or…

Portfolio Overview Leo can show you the facts on every building in your portfolio in one comprehensive screen. And with Leo’s filtering technology, you can check Key Performance…

Building Details Find all key data about each building in your portfolio in the Building Details screen. View rent roll data, amenities for the building and the area, photos of the building…

Lease Abstracts eo quickly generates, retrieves and prints detailed lease abstracts. Use Leo’s filtering capabilities to search for key lease data contained in the abstracts.…

Critical Events When you use Leo, you’ll never miss an important deadline or event. You can flag your due-date for taxes, find all right-of-refusal encumbrances, manage tenant…

Complete Functionality Module List

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