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Leo Software

A developer of business management software.

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In 2002, Paul Muessig, a 30-year commercial real estate veteran with a maturing $70,000,000 real estate portfolio, decided to leverage technology to compete for third-party property management assignments. Finding no software to provide the edge he was seeking, Muessig determined to fill a gap in the software market based on his understanding of the commercial real estate industry. This insight led to the creation of Leo Software.

During the ensuing years Muessig and his team designed and built what is considered by many in the business as the best and easiest to use “front-end” business intelligence application available for commercial real estate management and leasing professionals.

Cornerstone Solutions is the exclusive distributor of Leo Software. Since 1985, Cornerstone Solutions has been the Midwest’s leading provider of technology to both the construction and real estate marketplaces. Cornerstone’s product range and industry knowledge allows the company to provide its clients with real solutions for their businesses. As a full-service solution provider, Cornerstone offers on-site consulting and classroom training through its experienced staff of consultants.

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