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Anywhere Development

A software system designed by Lenoir Technologies.
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Developing in the cloud is a new resource that is not only faster but also easier. The development environment is pre-configured to your custom requirements with all the required set of tools for any given project/client. When developing in the cloud you can easily ramp up or down based on the work demand.


  • Maintaining: With developing in the cloud you won’t have to worry about version upgrades of the tools, technology to developer’s workstations (desktops or laptops) and troubleshooting out why one tool works for one developer but not the other (as a result of incompatible versions of tools/technology) goes away since the developers are connected to cloud and automatically see the upgraded development environment.
  • One of the most significant advantage of cloud based environment is the security of intellectual property of the project. Developers cannot cut/copy & paste artifacts between cloud environment and local environment and can’t FTP/transfer them between these environments, gives secure development environment for all clients.

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