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Lenoir Technologies

A developer of business management software.

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Lenoir was originally founded as a translation tool for industry. Recognizing the advantage of having an existing presence in place, a technical partnership was formed to create Lenoir Technologies. The end result of this action was the “Anywhere” product lines. The “Anywhere Management System” was developed by Industry recognized logistics experts, whose background includes, developing requirements, writing codes and implementing these systems for: container cargo shipping, automobile parts distributions, Aeronautical major components controls, pharmaceutical, and food distribution companies. Inherent in this design was the need to provide all necessary documentation for US Customs requirements, and stringent documentation for Federal Drug Administration.

We are a global technology company that provides:

  • Private cloud hosting services,
  • Warehouse management solutions,
  • Translation/language management services
  • Shared development tools.

Product Lines

Market Focus

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