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Legiant time and attendance software delivers immediate improvements in workforce productivity through rapid implementation, unsurpassed user acceptance and the ability to comply with a wide range of requirements. For over a decade, our flexible time accounting solutions have helped enterprises maximize the profitability and productivity of their workforce. Our solutions can be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization whether you are looking for a mobile time tracking solution, the latest biometric data collection devices, enhanced employee self-service or web access.

Legiant integrates software, hardware, and professional services to create a comprehensive time and attendance solution. Our applications such as Legiant Timecard and Legiant Express are intuitive, easy to use and accessible from anywhere with a web browser.

We deploy cutting-edge technology including Microsoft .NET to ensure scalability, zero-footprint architecture to eliminate installation on individual workstations, and 100% managed code to boost performance and security. Legiant’s XML API technology facilitates the most robust integration capability in the industry. Legiant SaaS, Software-as-a-Service, has a track record of helping companies reduce costs and increase productivity.

Our data collection technologies are flexible enough to satisfy the most demanding organizations and include: PC, biometric and badge terminals, telephone (IVR), employee kiosks, and a host of portable devices. Legiant is proud to be one of the first to offer the Hand Punch GT-400 in our industry as it should quickly become the new standard in biometrics for time and attendance.

Legiant recognizes that our solutions are only as good the people that support them. All of our applications are backed by over 107 years of collective time and attendance experience and a lifetime customer retention rate of over 98%. We look forward to identifying your distinctive workforce challenges, and working with you to customize the right time accounting solution.

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