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Leahy ERP Solutions

A developer of business management software.

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Leahy Consulting has extensive experience helping manufacturers and distributors implement and fine-tune state-of-the-art ERP systems to improve productivity, eliminate inefficient and mistake-prone manual processes, right-size inventory, and more.

We are a hands-on partner who will work with you to develop and customize systems that are optimized for the unique needs of your business. We have developed add-on PULSE software that adds new features and processes to Exact Macola, and we can also develop custom software for any special needs your business has.

Having over 30 years of experience with thousands of client systems, and 24 years of experience with Exact Macola ERP software, we are able to quickly identify your unique needs. In many cases we have encountered similar situations that enable us to quickly determine the best solution.

Our Pulse Dashboard software is being used by thousands of end-users around the world. Leahy Consulting strives to be the preferred value-added vendor and consulting service for Macola Software. Our experienced team of consultants will work with your staff to ensure the highest effectiveness of your software and the application to your specific business needs. We have experience in all aspects of the manufacturing and distribution arena, and we bring that wide base of expertise to bear on your specific needs.

Product Lines

  • PULSE Archive

    A utility for speeding the archiving of data in Macola.

    0 reviews
    • PULSE Dashboard

      A business intelligence dashboard product for users of Macola.

      0 reviews
      • PULSE eCommerce

        An integration utility for importing web orders to Macola.

        0 reviews
        • PULSE Lockbox

          A utility program for the importing of lockbox receipts to Macola.

          0 reviews
          • PULSE POS Analytics

            Business intelligence software for Macola POS data.

            0 reviews
            • PULSE Security

              A utility program for managing user access to Macola.

              0 reviews
              • PULSE Utilities

                A tool for importing and exporting between Macola and Excel.

                0 reviews

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