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BIZVIEWS for Electronic Distributors and Brokers

A multi-module management system designed by LCI Solutions.
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Bizviews for Electronic Distributors and Brokers is the perfect program for the component distribution and sales industries. It performs all functions that you require to TOTALLY run your business. It is feature ridden and very inexpensive.

Accounting and General Ledger

The Accounting module is very complete and in addition to the general ledger, there is a complete accounts payable and receivable module.

The General Ledger enables you to keep the books for your company. It consists, primarily, of a chart of accounts that provide the financial structure upon which your business transactions are categorized. Journal entries of transactions from various modules are posted to the general ledger and the books are kept in balance by means of double-entry bookkeeping.

The General Ledger allows you to print a variety of reports to determine changes in the financial position of your company throughout the year. Among these reports are general ledger listings of balances and activities, trial balances, income statements, and balance sheets.


  • Provides rolling month-end balances for 36 months.
  • Post to any prior period within 36 months and updates are automatically made to Retained Earnings and closing accounts (if adjustments are made to previous year).
  • Allows departmentalized accounting with user-definable department codes/separator.
  • Allows automatic creation of departmental accounts when master account is created (upon user-confirmation).
  • Partnership distribution allows unlimited number of partners/distribution percentages.
  • Permits user-definable Journal Entry Code definitions.
  • User-definable Balance Sheet and Income Statements built into the Chart of Accounts.
  • Alphanumeric account number allows maximum flexibility in account assignment.
  • Provides eight subtotal levels within Chart of Accounts.
  • Allocates annual budget to individual months by dollar amount or percentage.
  • Allows quick budget updates for the new year. Applies to single account or groups of accounts based upon: type/account number range, dollar amount, or percentage increase/decrease.

Import / Export

This series of programs can be used to import customers, vendors, inventory and offers to Bizviews. Also RFQs and bills of materials from your customers can be imported.

You can export inventories and offers to vendor and customer. You can import and export lists to BrokerForum and ICSOURCE.

Part Searches

The “perfect“ tool for Sales. It is a very comprehensive part search tool. You can search your present inventory and offers from other vendors, in addition to consignment and excess inventories. All inventory and offers can be compared to present RFQs in the system. New RFQs can be added on the fly. Past offers and RFQs can also be searched and accessed. Use this program for “sourcing” vendors. Past customer history of quotes and invoices can be accessed, including costs and sell prices in the past.

Purchasing and Inventory

You can create, modify and delete purchase orders within the program. The program can be used by Sales to create purchase orders, or the function can be totally separated from Sales of you have a separate Purchasing department. We have functions to automate the purchasing function.


QUICKBOOKS LINK. For those that choose to retain Quickbooks as their accounting system, this link allows the transference of data between the applications. It is also used to transfer customers and invoice history to Bizviews.

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