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The Inventory Module (also known as the Materials Desk) is part of the foundation upon which BizViews is built. Inventory is an asset to a company, and as such, needs to be maintained and controlled. Too much inventory can be a drain on a company’s resources and too little inventory could result in missed shipments and unhappy customers.


  • Allows stock items to be added, changed, transferred or deleted from warehouses (or catalogs).
  • Permits up to 999 warehouses or catalogs to be set up.
  • Can set up item as invoice type “Single,” “Recurring.” Or “Pro-rated.“
  • Most field names can be changed to fit you business.
  • UPC codes can be entered for bar coding purposes.
  • An ”asset“ class can be set up for each item.

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"Inventory" is part of the BIZVIEWS line of products, developed by LCI Solutions.

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