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A developer of business management software.

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Laubrass is an auditing software company. We provide numerous solutions for multiple industries including internal audit software, time analysis audit software, inspection auditor software, work measurement software, healthcare compliance audit software and more.

The UMT Products line facilitates and optimizes the process of conducting work measurement studies and audits/inspections by leveraging a variety of mobile devices and handheld computing tools.

Our sales and support team is made up of industry leaders from around the world who offer custom solutions and guarantee the highest level of service.

Creators of Umt Products

Our UmtProducts line currently features two software solutions for handheld computers. These products are distributed by various resellers across North America, South America and Europe. UMT PlusĀ® is used by Consultants and Industrial Engineers to facilitate their work measurement needs. UMT Audit is used by professional Auditors and general Inspectors to facilitate their assessment needs.

Product Lines

  • UMT Audit

    An audit software solution from Laubrass

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