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Lariat Software

A developer of business management software.

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Lariat Software is a software development company dedicated to creating advanced web based debt collection software solutions that enable organizations to efficiently conduct business. Our solutions consist of our flagship browser based system, Lariat, described in our White Paper here.

Our development team possesses considerable experience, not only in the latest programming technologies, but in real-world debt collection practices. This level of talent and expertise has helped us to create leading edge software solutions that enhance the collection process of any agency. Our customer base includes debt collection agencies, educational institutions, insurance firms, healthcare organizations, check cashing corporations, government institutions and more located throughout the United States.

Our mission at Lariat is to provide customer centric software solutions so businesses can efficiently manage the collection process. Our application is a Browser-based debt collections software solution that is deployed in various ways. Through our Browser-based solution, our customers have been able to realize a substantial increase in collection activity. No longer are agents limited to one geographic location. Neither are off-site personnel limited to a small subset of tools, or an old ‘snapshot’ of debtor information. This leading edge browser-based system allows users the world over to enjoy the same rich set of tools regardless of their location.

The debt collection industry is the core business of Lariat Software. Our product names, Lariat-IP and Lariat-ASP, are browser-based debt collection solutions that provide corporations and agencies with a wide array of tools to manage collection accounts from any Internet or Intranet connected personal computer.

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  • Lariat

    A collection software system designed by Lariat Software.

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