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An accounting software system designed by Boost Systems.
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SERVICE FIRST!™ is a fully network-ready, 32-bit Windows business management and accounting software system designed for service companies. With SERVICE FIRST!™ you can improve customer service, increase productivity and run a more successful service business.

Built in to our powerful SERVICE FIRST!™ accounting is our Sales & Service Manager and dispatching calendar which will let you receive, schedule and dispatch sales and service activities. With our fully integrated dispatching, managing your growing service business has never been easier.

And, with our many integrated service and marketing features, maintaining a growing customer base and instituting creative money-making marketing activities is a snap. ™

In addition to our powerful service features, our robust accounting offers many innovative business management tools which will help you analyze your business in ways you may have never thought possible, or thought were too time consuming to do manually. SERVICE FIRST!™ software is truly on the leading edge of successful business management.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is another module in the integrated SERVICE FIRST!TM family of software. AP includes many built-in reports as well as powerful features tailored to your type of business. As with other SERVICE FIRST!TM software, the integrated Sales & Service manager, dispatching calendar and customer management features are instantly available from this module.

  • Enter vendor invoices or manual checks
  • Disperse an invoice to multiple GL accounts
  • Automatically creates General Ledger entries
  • Void check feature
  • Display open of paid invoices
  • Supports multiple bank and AP accounts
  • Option to update inventory levels and even add new items to inventory without leaving AP
  • Print and/or display:
  • check register
  • cash requirements report
  • 1099 forms
  • list of vendors
  • mailing labels
  • customized reports

Accounts Receivable

SERVICE FIRST!TM Accounts Receivable is user friendly and powerful. Our AR will help your company expedite all your receivables functions and provides many innovative and time-saving features. In addition to many built-in reports, AR includes a powerful custom report generator. The Sales & Service manager, dispatching and customer management is accessible from AR, as from other SERVICE FIRST!TM modules. Accounts Receivable is just one module in our integrated SERVICE FIRST!TM system.

  • Eliminate manual customer service history files
  • Automatically updates customer service history
  • Display service records by: Service ID, City, Name, State, Address, Zip
  • Perform random searches to locate service records
  • Inventory items can be moved into the invoice individually or in
  • user-defined Groups or Assemblies
  • Automatically reduces inventory “on hand” quantities and displays
  • “time to reorder” when reorder level is reached
  • Supports Point of Sale transactions
  • Supports recurring invoices
  • Sell service agreements
  • Calculates finance charges
  • Design and print customized letters
  • Automatically creates General Ledger entries
  • Print and/or display:
    • invoices
    • customer lists
    • sales tax reports
    • customized reports
    • prospective customer list and letters
    • statements
    • aging report
    • customer letters
    • mailing/rolodex labels
    • generate income with postcard mailouts

General Ledger

General Ledger ties all of your accounting together in a user-friendly, flexible and automated way. The Sales & Service manager is available from GL, as from other SERVICE FIRST!TM modules. General Ledger will give you the ability to really diagnose the health of your business, and with our innovative reporting, you will save hours and days versus doing manual analysis.

  • Design custom financial reports
  • Supports departmental accounting
  • Transfer journal entries from Account Payables, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Inventory and Utility Billing (used by municipalities and utilities)
  • Maintain budget information
  • Generate GL Forecast reports
  • Generate Breakeven reports
  • Print and/or display:
    • chart of accounts
    • income statement
    • balance sheet
    • detail trial balance
    • period budget worksheet
    • miscellaneous reports


You know a picture is worth a thousand words. With SERVICE FIRST!TM Graphics, not only will you be able to print and display informative graphs and charts, but your graphs and charts are automatically updated from your accounting and business management software. When you need a vital report, now all you have to do is select that report from Graphics and you’ll instantly have your up-to-the-date and accurate information displayed in graphic format and in color on your monitor. Graphs may be printed on either color or “black and white” printers.

Display and/or print pie charts, graphs, or bar charts detailing:

  • sales/service calls by month
  • sales/service calls by type
  • sales/service calls by person
  • sales/service calls by referral (advertising)
  • sales by salesperson
  • sales by GL account
  • gross/net sales by period
  • single GL account by month
  • AR & AP aging report
  • gross wages by month

Inventory Management

SERVICE FIRST!TM Inventory will save your company hours of time every week. Automated pricing, flat rate, tracking inventory purchase history, inventory levels and much more is easily incorporated in our Inventory program. You’ll reduce waste and expedite office procedures through automating your inventory.

  • Track inventory in up to 999 locations (trucks, warehouses, etc.)
  • Automate price list and/or entire inventory
  • Add/Update inventory using vendor price disks
  • Reorder reminder displayed automatically during invoicing
  • Description and price automatically transfer into invoice and “on hand” quantities are reduced
  • Supports requisition requests and purchase orders
  • Comments may be entered for each item
  • Tracks last 20 purchases from multiple vendors
  • Automatically creates General Ledger entries
  • Print and/or display:
  • reorder list
  • master list
  • dealer price list
  • retail price list
  • bin and price labels
  • count sheets
  • customized reports

Job Costing

Bidding profitable jobs, tracking overhead, and ensuring higher net profit is what KRS SERVICE FIRST!TM Job Costing is all about. You’ll easily access your vital job information and always be on top of job status, hours worked, materials used and much more. As with other SERVICE FIRST!TM software, the innovative Sales & Service manager with integrated dispatching and customer management is accessible from Job Costing.

  • Streamline procedures for job cost accounting
  • Display projected profit prior to printing estimates
  • Inventory items can be moved into the estimate individually or in user-defined (time saving) groups
  • Convert estimates automatically into invoices
  • Turn prospective customers into regular customers automatically to avoid re-entry
  • Tracks overhead expenses for each job
  • Design and print custom letters
  • Supports progressive (partial) billing
  • Option for adding change orders
  • Print and/or display:
  • job estimates
  • mailing/rolodex labels
  • projected versus actual profit
  • work orders (picking tickets)
  • variance report
  • overhead report
  • hours worked vs. hours invoiced report


SERVICE FIRST!TM Payroll can save your company hours of paperwork. You will also enjoy advanced business analysis reporting such as the detailed “Hours Worked versus Hours Invoiced” report by employee by job with our integrated Payroll module. And, access your Sales & Service manager instantly as with other SERVICE FIRST!TM modules.

  • Calculate regular, overtime, double time pay
  • Calculate federal, state, local, FICA, Medicare, FUTA & SUI taxes
  • Track multiple worker’s comp classes per employee to save money on comp insurance
  • Display employees at the press of one key
  • Track changes in pay rates
  • Support special pays such as bonuses, commissions, vacation/sick pay, etc.
  • Tracks deductions such as 401K plans, child support, insurance, advances, uniforms, etc.
  • Automatically creates General Ledger entries
  • Print and/or display:
  • payroll checks
  • monthly reports
  • W-2 forms
  • payroll register
  • deductions register
  • check register
  • monthly, quarterly and annual reports
  • workers comp report
  • departmental report
  • vacation/sick pay report
  • customized reports

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