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Kronos’ Workforce Scheduler is a staff scheduling software that provides managers with one place to go to manage the schedule of your entire workforce in real time. It automatically tracks employee skills, certifications, and other requirements that are essential to creating optimal schedules. It allows your managers to configure scheduling rules that monitor critical staffing policies as well as compliance with federal regulations and union rules.

Workforce Scheduler engages employees in the scheduling process and makes them part of the solution. Through online self-service, employees can update their preferences, availability, contact information, and more. Employees can also request leave, swap shifts, and sign up for last-minute schedule openings, for online approval by their managers.

Key features of Workforce Scheduler include:

  • Schedule Planner: Create schedule views by employee, job, or shift. Provides managers with a list of employees able to fill a shift based on qualifications, availability, preference, and seniority information.
  • Workload Planner: Track job details including where and when the work needs to be done and what skills are required to do the work.
  • Schedule Assistant: Analyze workforce job coverage and uncover open shifts, identify scheduling gaps, and find available employees that match an open shift’s requirements. Automate the analysis of “schedule versus actual” labor usage, and create rules to monitor total hours per employee in real time.
  • Workforce Genies™: Automate administrative tasks according to the unique requirements of your environment and processes. For example, you can configure Genies to automatically search for available employees based on conditions you set, and display the results based on your scheduling needs.
  • Workforce Alerts: Notify managers of any critical issues regarding employee attendance, leave balances, expired certification, and more.

Kronos provides your managers with a comprehensive scheduling solution for any industry, one designed to ease their administrative burden and enable them to make more proactive scheduling decisions. And because it is Web-based and centralized, Workforce Scheduler is easy to implement, maintain, and integrate with other business systems.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Workforce Scheduler™:

"Workforce Scheduler™" is part of the Workforce Central Suite line of products, developed by Kronos.