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Workforce HR is a powerful HRMS solution that transforms human resources procedures to reduce hours per task and related costs. It strategically aligns the workforce to the work, engages employees and ultimately optimizes your workforce. Workforce HR achieves all of this by helping your organization manage the hiring process, streamline benefits administration, alleviate regulatory compliance, and more.

Key capabilities include:

  • Compensation planning: Measure and analyze an employee’s total compensation — direct and indirect. Import industry compensation data and maintain pay equity by calculating and applying geographic pay differentials.
  • Automated notifications: Send instant notifications to managers and key departments to facilitate a new hire’s network access, office space, and training.
  • Complete benefits administration: Determine employee program eligibility and analyze associated costs through rapid calculations.
  • Compliance with government regulations: Monitor your organization’s compliance with a wide variety of regulations efficiently.
  • Powerful point-in-time reporting: Run more than 150 reports, from EEO analysis to benefits coverage, or create custom reports.
  • Employee training: Track employees’ skills, manage their participation in training programs, and help them develop professionally.
  • Essential applicant management: Create job requisitions and capture candidate information easily, including resumes, skills, and more. Search for qualified candidates easily with automated screening capabilities.
  • Greater control over staffing budgets: Manage costs while monitoring headcount by defining full-time equivalent (FTE) budgets.
  • Group edit: Complete information edits and updates for large employee groups. Employee survey tool: Poll employees easily on workplace issues.
  • Employee and manager self-service: Engage employees by letting them manage their own information and supply managers with real-time information for quicker and better decision-making.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Workforce HR™:

"Workforce HR™" is part of the Workforce Central Suite line of products, developed by Kronos.